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Kickin' Fitness 

Fitness Class Descriptions

M.A.K. Bootcamp

Our specialty! Martial Athletic Konditioning: A fusion of martial arts skills and athletic drills! Tai Chi warm-up and cool down, tabata training, sports drills and punching/kicking body shields and mitts! Finish with an intense CORE workout!

Shred fat! Increase agility and endurance! Improve muscular conditioning and cardio vascular health!

This class is ideal for beginners and advanced participants. We always show a low and high ”intensity” option.

Bring M.A.K to your company, faculty or church group!

Class is 50mins. Please bring yoga mat, water, towel and gloves if you have them.

Gentle Yoga Tai Chi

A fusion of gentle yoga poses with the flow of Tai Chi movements and breathing. This easy to follow class can be done standing or sitting.

We focus on increasing strength, range of motion, flexibility, core strength and cardio vascular health. We always show a low and a higher “intensity” option. We finish our class with a gentle relaxation in corpse pose or seated relaxing in a chair.

This class is ideal for seniors, clients with physical limitations (shoulder or knee issues) and beginners

Class is 50 mins. Please bring yoga mat, water and a towel.

Silver Sneakers

A fun blend of low impact moves combined with light resistance training using bands and small resistance balls: some portions of the class are done seated BUT the entire class can be modified for participants preferring to be seated for the duration of the class.

Improve cardio vascular health, increase mobility and flexibility, improve balance and strength.

This class is ideal for seniors, beginners and participants with physical limitations (i.e. shoulder or knee issues).

Class is 50 mins. Please bring water and a towel.

Cardio Lite

An interval style class alternating between Lo-impact cardio moves (like we did in the 80’s!) and resistance training with bands. A fun blend of basic Lo-impact moves designed to increase cardiovascular health, burn fat, increase muscular endurance and strength.  We finish with core work concentrating on upper, lower, obliques and lower back strengthening.

This class is ideal for beginners to advanced participants. We always show a low or higher “intensity” option.

Class is 50 mins. Please bring yoga mat, bands, water and a towel.

Fit Core

A fun blend of total body strength training with dumbbells and bands. Heavy emphasis on CORE work: upper, lower, obliques as well as toning and strengthening lower back and glutes. Bonus Yoga poses for core stability and flexibility!

Class is 50 mins. Bring mat, bands & water.

Kidz Fitness

We have to get our kids moving! Diabetes and obesity are on the rise. The best way to get kids moving??? Make it FUN! Our Kidz Fitness Specialist makes working out fun with Games, Races and Karate moves!

Increases cardio vascular health, agility and burn off some energy!

This class is ideal for Groups of K to 3rd grade and 4th to 6th grade.

Class is 50 mins. Please bring water and a towel.

Cardio Splash

Have a pool? Have a friend who does?  Aqua aerobics exercises increase cardio vascular health, increase muscle strength and burns calories! Frogs, ski’s, ab work using pool noodles!

Class is 50 mins. Please bring water and towels!

Self Defense

The world is not getting any nicer. Learn how to protect yourself! We know it’s impossible to learn everything in a 4 hour seminar. We also know that being aware of our surroundings; avoiding “suspicious” situations; saying “NO!” and learning basic, practical self-defense techniques could be what keeps us out of harm’s way. This seminar is a “hands on” workshop. Participants will be partnered up to learn the basics: wrist grabs, chokes, bear hugs and gun/knife defenses.

This class is ideal for anyone 13 years old and older. Since we are training in a controlled environment, options are always given regarding the degree of contact

This seminar is 4 hours in length (occasionally we go over, there is no extra fee for extra time). We encourage participants to practice the skills learned to improve their abilities. This seminar is taught by 2 Black Belts (one of which is a Law Enforcement Officer).

Cost: $60 for a 4 hour session, 2 hour refresher is $35.